8 Tools that are a Must for LinkedIn Automation

When it comes to social media platforms, LinkedIn might come across as Facebook’s older, more responsible, and infinitely more boring sibling. When it comes to functionality, however, it is an...

John Hall

How to Boost Your Productivity (Without Apps)

Did you know that we spend over four hours a day in apps? While we can thank the pandemic for this surge, which skyrocketed by up to 80% in selected...

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Save Time by Automating Tasks and Discovering Productivity Tools

Learn about the tools that can help you save time and money while running your business.

9 Best Life Hack Sites That Will Super Boost Your Productivity

Everyone is looking to make the most out of their time these days and one of the best ways is through life hacks. People are so passionate about these that...

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A Vertical Computer Monitor Just Might Help You See the Big Picture

If you're reading on your computer or programming all day, a vertical monitor might actually make more sense for your workflow.

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The bad habit of being late and 10 things you can do to correct yourself

Being late for work, being late for meetings with friends, being late for appointments all lead to the same thing: being seen as unreliable.

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Be efficient. Beware of these thieves of your time!

Do you want your day to have more hours? You have to read this.

Remote Team Management: 7 Best Practices

Managing a remote workforce comes with unique challenges, including the need for employers to provide the right tools and services for staff members and finding dynamic and involving ways to communicate.

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5 Tips for Slowing Down When Life Gets Too Crazy

Do you sometimes feel like life is moving too fast for you to keep up? Finding the brakes during these times seems impossible, but if you keep going at breakneck...

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Scheduling Self Care When Working From Home

Even though many people have already been working from home since before the pandemic began, these past two years have increased the need for remote and flexible work. Gallup’s May...

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Freelancing 101: How to Juggle Multiple Clients at Once

Catering to multiple clients at once is the dream of every freelancer. You get to be your own boss, work on projects you actually like, and work anytime and anywhere...

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How to Maximize the Productivity of New Team Members

Hiring a new team member can be challenging. An oft-quoted stat from SHRM put the average cost per hire around $4,129 back in 2016. Since then, with a pandemic, remote...

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