Everyone Stay Calm: The McRib is Returning to McDonald's Menus

The beloved saucy sandwich last appeared on menus in December 2020.

Emily Rella

Goodbye plastic! McDonald's will start providing more sustainable toys

This transformation will help them reduce 90% use of fossil fuel-based plastic in toys.

Video Reveals That You've Been Opening Your Fast-Food Ketchup Packets All Wrong

One TikToker is going viral for her hack on how to use ketchup packets while on the go.

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A McDonald's manager just smashed the dreams of tens of thousands of customers

Despite desperate pleas, a beloved menu item won't be returning anytime soon, according to a representative for the fast food chain.

Emily Rella

A McDonald's Manager Just Crushed the Dreams of Tens of Thousands of Customers

Despite desperate pleas, a beloved menu item won't be back anytime soon, according to a rep for the fast-food chain.

Emily Rella

Oregon McDonald's Now Hiring 14-Year-Olds Due to 'Staffing Issues'

Heather Coleman, the operator of a McDonald's, said that raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour at the restaurant didn't attract many new applicants. When the hiring age was lowered to 15, about 25 applicants came in two weeks, she said.

McDonald's Considering Indoor Dining Halt in Delta Hotspots

Reuters reported that some locations might be closing again because of the rapid spread of the Delta COVID variant.

Holy Cow! Head-Scratching Video Shows Cow Waiting in McDonald's Drive-Thru

A video of a cow in line for a Wisconsin McDonald's is going viral.

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McDonald's French Fry Hack Has Internet Divided: 'Why Would You Not Want to Finish Those Fries?'

One TikTok user showed viewers how to refold a medium-sized McDonalds French fry carton into a convenient to-go vessel that prevents the fries from falling out.

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McDonald's Might Be Facing a Supply Shortage

The company was reportedly forced to use more bags than usual as customers dined in their homes rather than on-site amid the pandemic.

McDonald's Becomes First Fast-Food Chain to Reinstate Mask Mandate in Certain Locations

The requirement will stand whether employees and patrons are vaccinated or not.

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