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ASMR, a new tool to combat stress and anxiety

ASMR is a tickling sensation that has been shown to relax people, so it can be used to reduce negative emotions.

You can now print your birth certificate from home

In Mexico City it will not be necessary to go to Civil Registry modules to obtain certified copies of birth, marriage or death certificates because you can do it on your own printer.

The millionaire who started his empire working on the public telephone at the Rio de Janeiro airport

Without a telephone and without knowing how to speak English, Flavio Da Silva created a school of the same language.

The 3 things you should live with, according to the happiness ambassador

Barry Shore was a very successful entrepreneur when, out of nowhere, a strange illness turned his life upside down and he had to change the way he saw the world.

Which Game of Thrones house do you belong to? We tell you according to how you run your business

Each house in the kingdom of Westeros has characteristics that define them. Which ones do you identify with?

Mindfulness, why should you teach it in your company?

Practicing mindfulness has several benefits including that it reduces stress, which is why it can be a great tool to help your employees.

Messaging applications to download if you do not want to be cut off again if Facebook goes down

In these times it is essential to have a way to communicate privately remotely.

10 books to read when you're stuck and need motivation

Sometimes we need a multi-chapter motivational speech to get to work.

This school comes to Mexico under the direction of Carlos Lieja to change the way we perceive education

Future School offers coding classes to children to turn them into "creators of technology rather than consumers of technology."

This entrepreneur thought his business was going bankrupt and called it Desastre Café. Today it is a popular coffee shop in CDMX.

Alonso wanted to create the perfect bookstore where he would have liked to spend his afternoons reading and working… now anyone can enjoy it with him.

These small brands have used Instagram to grow their business. How they did it?

I spoke with three sustainable clothing brands: Paralia, Miel the Brand and Maia Studio about their Instagram Shops and their growth through the network and the motivating thing is that anyone can start a business through it.

The mystery of who created the Flamin 'Hot Cheetos. A company or a Chicano?

For years the story has been told of how Richard Montañez created fry when he was a janitor at a Frito-Lay factory. But an LA Times report raised doubts about it.

SILENCE, BRUNO! 5 lessons that 'Luca' leaves us about entrepreneurship

Look everywhere for inspiration when starting a new project ... including Pixar movies.

Are Japanese peanuts known as Mexican peanuts in Japan? This is the love story behind this snack

Yoshiegei Nakatani lost his job when his boss was accused of espionage in WWII and he had no choice but to start his own business.

What is rainbow washing? (and how to avoid it in your company)

Every June many brands seem to paint rainbows in support of the LGBTQ + community and do not mention them again for the rest of the year.

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