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The United States becomes the largest bitcoin mining center surpassing China

The North American country raised its 'hashrate' (or hash rate), according to a report published by the University of Cambridge.

Do you want to achieve financial freedom? Attend MoneyFest 2021 tomorrow!

The festival is developed in alliance with MIDE, Interactive Museum of Economy, Entrepreneur, Cooltura Financiera, Suicidando al Godínez and Alfonso Marcelo.

Educational gaps? This event will bring together great world thinkers to reflect on the subject

More than 11,000 people from 20 countries have signed up for enlightED Hybrid Edition 2021, which this year focuses on the challenges of bridging the innovation, skills and digital education gaps.

Python ranks as the most popular programming language for the first time in 20 years

If you want to start your programming career, Python is now the simplest and most popular option.

Mexican Jüsto buys startup Freshmart to expand to Peru

Freshmart is the main online supermarket in Peru and is now owned by the Mexican startup Jüsto, which promises to make it grow "15 times more in the next 3 years" according to its CEO.

Amazon copied products from its sellers to offer them cheaper and position its own brands, says report

Using data from its sellers, Amazon launched Project Solimo: copying popular products from its platform to sell them cheaper and boost its own brands in India, Reuters research claims.

Supreme Court ratifies protection of SkyAlert to operate private seismic alert

This occurs in the context of the Comprehensive Law of Risk Management and Civil Protection of Mexico City.

40% of Mexican workers have suffered mental exhaustion in the last year, says study

Factors such as isolation and high workload have caused 40% of Mexican workers to report mental exhaustion derived from the pandemic and they expect companies to do something about it.

The entrepreneur who lied to Steve Jobs and lost the business of his life

"You're full of shit. We're done," was the Apple co-founder's reply to Ali Parvoti's pitch.

This is the first electronic cigarette for vaping authorized by the FDA in the United States

After years of analysis and debate around vaping, the United States FDA finally authorized the first electronic cigarette and recognized that it does help to quit smoking.

Captain Kirk's space voyage with Blue Origin lands successfully

90-year-old actor William Shatner became the oldest person to fly into space.

People line up for 6 hours to try the famous cookies from The Squid Game

The sales of a dalgona stall in Seoul has increased dramatically thanks to the series' fame where the characters must undo them in different ways in order not to die.

Nubank is looking for staff with a focus on technology and opens 700 vacancies

The company wants to hire professionals from areas such as: software engineering, design and data science, product management, among others.

Jack Ma, Alibaba's Mysterious Founder, Reappears in Hong Kong: Reports

His last public appearance as such was in October last year when he gave a speech in Shanghai where he criticized Chinese financial regulators.

The United States will reopen its borders to non-essential travel in November

The White House announced that it will require travelers to enter a proof of vaccination with a complete schedule.

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